Tairua Library

Tairua Library

Coromandel Peninsula


Our design project encompassed a small library, a community meeting room and ancillary spaces to suit the needs of the local community. The building replaced a temporary prefab library that served the district for many years.

Located behind the main shopping area on a site zoned for the future commercial development of Tairua, the library is the first building within the proposed masterplan for that area. It has been designed so the building can be extended to the north if required. Parking is for now provided at the rear of the building.

The complex sits on a plinth to raise the floor level above anticipated flood levels, with the main frontage facing Manaia Rd. Front and rear entries to the building are linked via terraces on the east, and these will in turn link to pedestrian areas planned within the future commercial area.

The form and materials are domestic in scale but act as a community meeting point serving a minor civic role within the Tairua township.