ANZ Albany Home Loan Centre

ANZ Albany Home Loan Centre

Albany Mall, North Shore, Auckland


As part of its ongong strategy to re-invent the retail banking experience, ANZ asked ASC Architects to explore a new concept in retail mall banking, with an emphasis on the 'home' aspect of home lending.

The result is the North Shore Home Cente in Albany Mall. The space is set up as a sequence of rooms such as you might find in a home, including modern domestic furniture and accessories. This is in complete contrast to the traditional branch bank.

Banking consultations take place in this casual environment, with mobile technology and motivated staff playing a key role in the success of the concept.

ANZ customer research found it to be an 'inviting and comfortable environment, and a refreshing change from being in a branch, setting ANZ apart from its competitors'.

ASC Architects are currently involved in the second such centre, also in an Auckland Mall.