ANZ Newmarket

ANZ Newmarket



Photographer: Mark Scowen

ASC Architects were required to produce a design & documentation for a new ANZ Branch fitout as part of the new Westfield Mall development in Newmarket, Auckland.

A secure tenancy with exposure to high pedestrian flows from the mall. This included a new décor for the bank, drawing on previous projects but lifting the design aesthetic to meet the client and Westfield design requirements.

The tenancy is in the south area of the mall, internally facing but also taking the opportunity to activate the Broadway Street elevation with some green elements and signage.

The tenancy is approx. 300sq.m incorporating the main banking chamber, tellers’ counters, digital lounge, front of house and back of house consultants, interview rooms and staff facilities. Lounge type furniture settings reinforce the comfortable aspects of the interior.

Visibility is a key consideration of the client, high visual impact of the shopfront and interior elements along with operational efficiency and security was important. The first impressions when walking into the branch are very important to create a welcoming feel and a logical layout easy to understand and navigate. Lighting elements accentuate the shopfront and interior spaces.

The branch has been designed with recognisable elements of past ANZ branches, signage & technology solutions upgraded and a higher degree of detail & finish generally, materials are clean & durable. The use of appropriate graphics allows for a suitably calm but inviting space.

Although Greenstar accreditation was not required, the design team & client do take seriously the need to select sustainable materials and come up with solutions that are higher than the minimum standard.

Working with leading industry suppliers the project team considered ESD as an integrated design process, the design and ongoing operation of the fit out including design outcomes that improve occupant experience and comfort.

Mechanical services include a requirement for the utilization of energy efficient control systems for reduction of operating costs.  Utilizing software programs for estimating the cooling and heating requirements, testing and commissioning using calibrated test equipment such as air flow testers ensure the plant is properly balanced, commissioned and operating efficiently.

LED lighting throughout and significant areas of acoustic baffles are incorporated.

Privacy & staff security is key in the layout and design solutions.

Durable cost-effective materials have been selected minimizing ongoing maintenance.

Internally timber look laminates are durable and practicable for the environment.


  • Designers Institute of New Zealand - Best Design Awards: Spatial / Retail Environments Bronze Award