McDonald's New Lynn

McDonald's New Lynn



McDonald's New Lynn originally opened in 1978, and re-opened its relocated premises in 2004 to support the revitalisation of the suburb. The new restaurant is adjacent to Memorial Square and the New Lynn Library. It includes a drive-thru, an internal playland and a McCafe with al fresco dining and seating areas.

In keeping with Waitakere City's vision to incorporate art into the design and function of its buildings, ASC Architects worked closely with local artist Kate Wells to commission works of art to integrate into the project. As a result, a glass mosaic wall designed by Gabrielle Hoffman has been incorporated into the design. Exterior glazed screens incorporate local imagery which have been installed facing Memorial Square.

This theme has been continued throughout the interior of the restaurant in harmony with the decor. Local artist Heathermeg was commissioned to supply the interior artwork.