Haeata Community Campus

Haeata Community Campus



Photographer: Stephen Goodenough

The Haeata Community Campus project is one of four large new school projects won by the ASC Architects/Hawkins construction team as the second of the Private Public Partnership (PPP) school agreements with the Ministry of Education.

Haeata Community Campus opened in term 1 2017 and offers education to students in years 1-13, all on one campus. It is one of the most modern innovative schools in New Zealand.  It replaces Aranui High School and Aranui, Avondale and Wainoni  Primary Schools, and has been built on the old high school site.

At 10,840m2 the campus will eventually cater for 1,800 pupils. School space methodology has been crafted to reflect the latest in flexible learning environments. There are two primary and two secondary school buildings wrapped around a core field, as well as a dedicated learning area for special needs students.  

Each primary learning environment (building) supports a total of 150 students, comprised of two neighbourhoods of 75 students. These are equipped with a staff area for six teachers, large practical activity areas for 25 students and various breakout spaces for quiet teaching and reflection. Secondary school buildings have 100 students per learning environment, and are equipped for six teachers.  They also have various break-out spaces for quiet teaching and reflection.

The school has specialist teaching spaces for science, trades, production and process, food technology and performing arts. There is a gym, a 700 seat multipurpose cultural space, library, student services and student health area, as well as administration and staff facilities.

Designed to achieve a 5 Greenstar built rating the campus offers education from early learning through to transitions to employment, training, or higher education. 

The total value of the PPP2 school projects is in the vicinity of $300 million and supersedes the first PPP project as perhaps the most significant Ministry of Education project.


  • Education Property Award - Merit
  • Property Council New Zealand Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards 2017
  • Registered Master Builder’s NZ Commercial Project Awards 2018 - Silver Award Winner