One Tree Hill College

One Tree Hill College



Our successful experience with Penrose High School - now One Tree Hill College - is evidence of the depth and detail of our understanding of the school redevelopment processes.

ASC Architects designed, documented and administered the refurbishment or reconstruction of virtually the entire school.

Historically, Penrose High was situated on an industrial fringe. But with the suburb's growing population and subsequent gentrification, the large site found itself on a key urban-fringe residential area. Despite this, the old high school was experiencing a declining roll.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) recognised the need to redevelop and reinvent the school in order for it to reach its potential in this new environment.

We led this exciting project through concept and preliminary design to the point where a detailed vision that captured cultural, educational and community aspirations for the whole site was achieved. We did so understanding the logistics of site occupation by the school while construction was proceeding.

We took the lead with the creative processes that inspired the Minister of Education to approve and Cabinet to fund the project. And we assisted others to prepare materials and ideas used to motivate the community to support and fund various additional elements. 

One Tree Hill College is now enjoying an invigorated, modern learning environment like other Auckland schools into which we have had major design input.