Auckland City Council Environments

Auckland City Council Environments



Interior fit out projects can provide designers with exciting opportunities to explore ideas of space, representation, image, comfort and function - all in specific regard to a particular user group or activity.

This design project afforded such an opportunity - we were to create a public/private interface for the offices in the BJ Ball building in Graham Street, where the council was to move. 

Separations between the public and private areas are implied, rather than articulated, with walls and doors. Low counters, translucent screens and small-scale furniture all serve to indicate what is public and what is private. 

We used a palette of white and grey accented with red and timber for the architectural elements of the fit out. And to ensure a welcoming, comfortable space for the public, we selected plush carpets and wool furniture coverings.

All these elements combine successfully to project an efficient, modern environment, with a generous, open plan floor that retains all the control of a traditional partitioned design.